Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Is homosexuality due to sibling or parent-offspring conflict through uterine conditions?

I suggested these possibilities a few years ago:

Biology Notes on homosexuality

Greg Cochran argues that homosexuality is probably caused by a pathogen:

Cochran at his West Hunter blog

My comments in 2006 suggest a teleological explanation for the phenomenon of homosexuality, but the data showing a higher rate of homosexuality in younger brothers of older brothers perhaps imply that homosexuality is simply a developmental anomaly. Cochran wants to argue about genetic or infectious explanations, but a physiological explanation based on less-than-ideal uterine conditions is perhaps the simplest. Plenty of undesirable anomalies occur regularly, such as cleft palate. There is no reason to attribute all anomalies to genetics or infection.

Perhaps a better example is hypospadias, a fairly common anomaly of the male reproductive system in humans, with prenatal sex hormone deficiency probably contributing in some cases at least.



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